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Discover this milk Fedorah from the famous Weiss house, the business gift you need if you want to impress your customers and employees during the holiday season. A prestigious business gift, this branded confectionery is also delicious and exceptional, perfect to surprise and inspire dreams.

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Hightech Gifts, the great specialist in personalised business giftsIf you want to find a good chocolate, you should choose this milk chocolate palet from the prestigious French chocolate factory. business gift that rocks. It's the perfect corporate gift to really please your partners, suppliers, employees and customers.

A business gift high quality

You've probably already heard of the unrivalled expertise of the Weiss company, and this is reflected in this business gift. It is reminiscent of the Kaluga, the company's signature product from the 1950s, but with a modern twist. This sublime and tender company gift The caramel is enhanced with cocoa liqueur. Its coating is deliciously crunchy and sprinkled with nougatine grains.

A business gift extraordinary

It's true that there's never a party without sweets, but this customer gift stands out from all the rest. The judicious mix of milk chocolate, cocoa butter, almonds and vanilla gives it new flavours that your palate will not forget. Clearly, this is a first-rate business gift that you should not miss to delight your consumers and all your employees. In addition, this milk chocolate cocoa is a flavour that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so everyone will remember your company and your kindness when they taste it.

A business gift cheap

In addition to its exquisite flavours, enchanting aromas and originality, this business gift offers another very interesting advantage. This is of course its low price. Indeed, for a business gift of this standing, the quality-price ratio is really impressive. In addition, Cadeaux Hightech allows you and recommends you to personalise the packaging with your logo to have a business gift that reflects your company's image.

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