Corporate gifts milk chocolate disc

For a business gift that combines simplicity, class, exoticism and exquisite flavors, opt without the slightest hesitation for this 37% whole milk chocolate disc. It is a premium business gift that will appeal to your customers, colleagues and partners. You can give it to mark a special event.

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There is no holiday without sweets! This year, opt for originality and quality by choosing this business gift of luxury with a gourmet touch. To celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve or your company's anniversary with employees and customers, give them this unusual business gift.

A business gift that makes you travel

What could be more beautiful than spending a holiday in a heavenly destination? Why not on a remote beach where the turquoise sea and the waves lull you to sleep while the beauty and fragrance of the flora captivate you? This customer gift offers you the opportunity to get away from it all for a while. It is carefully made with cocoa beans from different countries. Thus, this company gift will transport recipients to Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Ecuador and Venezuela, where the basic raw material for this business gift was harvested.

A business gift copious

Such an uncompromising blend of quality beans can only be a big success in terms of taste. Moreover, the milk chocolate melts in your mouth and leaves a memorable taste. The 42 mm diameter and 1.5 mm thick disc is thin and easy to eat. It is a corporate gift that can be shared with friends and family. There is something to please the children and put a smile on the face of the older ones.

A business gift at a low price

As if all the above-mentioned advantages of this business gift were not enough, your specialist in high-end personalised business gifts offers it to you at a shocking price. With this tasty chocolate As a company gift, you can enjoy excellent value for money. Hightech Gifts also lets you personalise it with your logo to make it truly unique. Diameter 42 mm - thickness 1.5 mm.

Price displayed for 100g.

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