Gift CE gingerbread figs

Small treats can be part of the works council gifts to offer for certain occasions. This gingerbread can therefore take the role of an exquisite Corporate Committee Gift.  This CE gift can be accompanied by figs for toast, to the delight of the taste buds.

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A gourmet meal is always appreciated as a Corporate Committee Gift. Made with the best ingredients, and can be eaten as toast with figs, this corporate gift will satisfy the most demanding. This product will make you gain recognition and esteem with its quality.

A great gift idea for the works council

Gingerbread is a cake made from honey and spices, giving it a special, but delicious taste. This CE gift is presented in the form of toast, which gives it another unique flavour, especially spread with figs. This is a much sought-after corporate gift that will delight the recipients. Your company will be well perceived by your partners and will gain in notoriety.

An employee gift to thank for loyalty

Loyal employees deserve to be rewarded in various ways. One of them is an original employee gift, such as this gingerbread figs. This Corporate Committee Gift will be a welcome addition to this process. Works councils will be delighted to receive this small but significant attention.

A Company Committee Gift that takes your colours back

The integration of this product in your works council gift catalogue is an excellent initiative. However, don't forget to add a touch of personalisation when giving them. Personalised works council gifts are more user-friendly and have a greater impact. Your identity can be shown through its packaging or gift wrap. You can also include a small card with a thoughtful message. This will leave a lasting impression on your partners and they will feel grateful and thankful to you.

Tasting advice :

Specially formulated for your aperitifs or the most festive starters, we advise you to use it as a base for all your spreads based on foie gras, goat's cheese or cold meats.

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