Gift for this duck pistachio terrine

If the duck with orange is a recipe that has become classic, adding pistachios is less common. However, this Corporate Committee Gift is formed by this set, and gives off an unparalleled sweet-salty flavor. With such a works council gift, you will make a lot of people happy, and the greedy ones will ask for more.

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Works councils will surely be happy to receive this CE gift like no other. It is a Corporate Committee Gift consisting of a jar of gourmet duck terrine with pistachios and orange zest. It combines several flavours at the same time, proving the talent of the cook who elaborated it with meticulousness.

An Extraordinary Taste in Company Gifts

This duck terrine has an exceptional flavour. With the pistachios, its texture becomes crunchy in the mouth, while the orange brings freshness. This jar is a very good idea for a corporate gift. Indeed, a Corporate Committee Gift This terrine meets this criterion. It will then allow your company to receive a good opinion from the recipients.

A gift for a deserving employee

An employee gift is usually given to those who deserve it. An employee gift can be given after a specific assignment has been completed, or during the Christmas or New Year period. Those who have made good achievements are the most deserving and will be eligible for your CE gift. Alternatively, you can give a gift to an employee with potential to motivate them.

A corporate committee gift to exploit for image

A company gift can be used to reinforce your image. To do this, you can personalise duck terrine pistachio. For this particular product, the personalisation should be done on the label, or on the packaging, with your logo inserted for a different visual identity. This way, this personalised CE gift will remain remarkable, and there will be no doubt about its origin.

The duck with orange revisited ? Too easy for Maison Sauveterre! This traditional festive recipe is given a crunchy texture thanks to the pistachio slivers. The orange peels whip up the whole and give freshness to the terrine. The result is a very successful sweet and sour mixture that will also appeal to the little ones' palates.

We advise you to accompany it with a good onion chutney and a slice of farmhouse bread.

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