Corporate gift duck breast terrine

In the business world, it is customary to offer quality food as a gift for customers. This duck terrine with magret corresponds well to this approach and can be offered as a Business Gift. It will be a high class corporate gift, to be savored by your most respectable customers.

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The quality of this culinary speciality will make many people happy when you offer it as a business gift. Those who receive it will remember you every time they taste it. It is a Gift Business that can be offered in a very distinct situation to enhance your business.

An exquisite and memorable business gift

This duck breast terrine is prepared with the finest ingredients to form an authentic local cuisine. This business gift comes in a 180g container, allowing it to be shared with several people or enjoyed over several days. This is a business gift that can be considered a luxury product, and will be greatly appreciated by the lucky people who receive it.

A business gift for exceptional customers

Since this Business Gift is a luxury product, the customers who will receive it may be those who deserve great attention. They can be big decision makers or people who have influence in their organisations. But you can also offer this business gift to prospects who need a good seduction strategy. This corporate gift will then significantly increase your rating.

A business gift to make yourself known

You can offer business gifts in a specific package with your identity to remind people that the product comes from your company. This can be a small basket, a box or gift wrap. In any case, personalised business gifts are always better perceived, as they have a touch of sincerity and involvement. Moreover, you will gain notoriety if you link your Business Gift to your company.

A great classic of local cuisine, the duck terrine is back with a delicious smoked touch that awakens the taste buds. The little touch of salt highlights the very fine and long taste of the duck breast. We approve!

Whether on an aperitif toast or in a salad, let your imagination run riot as you enjoy this terrine, which is ideal both for parties and for everyday appetizers, straight from the fridge.

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