Gift CE chocolate nougat milk

A simple souvenir object no longer does the trick in terms of a gift to thank the employee. Employees deserve more consideration with the increasing effort they must put into the productivity of your business. Choose an expert in Corporate Committee Gift with the Hightech Gifts site.

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A few sweets are always welcome in the office. Chocolate is undoubtedly the Corporate Committee Gift the most appreciated during the holiday season. The Hightech Gifts website offers a wide range of sweets made by the great names in the world of chocolate. Get your hands on gifts this with unforgettable flavours.

Evolution of works council gifts

Small tokens of appreciation for employees are not new. Business leaders realised that thanking and encouraging employees was necessary for a better office atmosphere and to improve performance. The tradition of employee gift then intervenes in this process. Simple gift items have evolved into personalised and original items. As a professional in personalised CE gifts, Cadeaux Hightech provides you with all kinds of ideas to adopt.

The must-have Corporate Committee Gift Christmas

Among the many ideas adopted by works councils for the Christmas period, sweets remain the most suitable. To be enjoyed at any time of the day or shared with friends and family, the milk nougat chocolate is a little treasure from Maison Weiss, available on Cadeaux Hightech. This Corporate Committee Gift includes the recipe of the Nougat de Montélimar inside, accompanied by a Nougat with Valencia Almonds, Roman Hazelnuts, Sicilian Pistachios and Pilat Honey, all coated with supreme milk chocolate 38 %.

A famous confectionery as an employee gift idea

Originating in ancient Greece, nougat arrived in France around 1650. The famous Maison Weiss offers a nougat that has not changed since its creation in the 19th century.ème century. Presented in the works council gift catalogue, this CE gift is sold by batch of 100 grams. It combines the tenderness of milk chocolate with the succulent aromas of dried fruit. A good nougat can be recognized by the quantity and quality of the fruit. All this, together with the tenderness of milk chocolate, gives us a historical taste. The milk chocolate develops the aromas generated by the dried fruit. Nougat with Valencia Almonds, Roman Hazelnuts, Sicilian Pistachios and Pilat Honey coated with milk chocolate (supreme milk 38%).

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