Gift this Corsican specialty coppa

Corsican coppa is a very popular charcuterie that is similar to ham. It can fulfill the role of a remarkable Corporate Committee Gift, in order to win the affection of your employees. It will be a valuable works council gift that can be enjoyed together on memorable occasions.

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It is always pleasant to receive culinary delights by way of of Corporate Committee Gift. With such a corporate committee gift, the whole family can enjoy it, not just the person who received the CE gift. The choice of this high-class charcuterie is therefore judicious.

A tasteful Corporate Committee Gift

Corsican culinary specialties are numerous, and this coppa is one of them. It has been carefully prepared to become a corporate committee gift worthy of the best products to offer. Made from boneless pork loin and put in natural casing, it is then steamed and smoked for 8 weeks to bring out an exquisite flavor. The employees who will receive this gift can only be flattered to get so much attention.

A employee gift to savor during the festivities

It should be noted that this product is consumed raw, and it can be served in several preparations, in particular as an aperitif, as a starter or even as a sandwich. It is therefore a corporate committee gift that will find its place during the holidays, where succulent dishes are in the spotlight. It will be very suitable to be the employee gift christmas of the year. The works councils that will receive it will be sure to have a good holiday.

A CE gift idea that will delight everyone

This coppa from Corsica will appeal to all of its beneficiaries, because not only is it of exceptional quality, but it can also be shared with several. It must therefore feature prominently in your works council gift catalog. Besides, you can give it as a personalized CE gift with a tag that shows your name or logo. Your business will then benefit from its success with the various people who will taste it.

This product is put in natural casing, then steamed and smoked with beech wood. It dries for around 8 weeks. Pleasant aroma and flavor. To consume raw.

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