Gift this farmhouse foie gras

This farmhouse foie gras is a top choice for the holiday season. It will be a good Christmas employee gift, and its high quality will stand out. This Corporate Committee Gift will impress those lucky enough to receive it, with its unique taste derived from free-range duck breeding.

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A good CE gift idea should be remarkable and memorable. To this end, this block of foie gras meets these criteria, and will therefore make a Corporate Committee Gift more than correct. It will be one of the jewels in your company's crown and will carry your colours high.

An exclusive luxury product as a company gift

This product from free-range poultry is different from other preparations of the same kind, because it is made from free-range animals fed with selected feed. It is a luxury corporate gift that will delight your employees. Its taste is inimitable and its recipe has remained unchanged for over 70 years. It will be a memorable gift that will be talked about for a long time.

A corporate gift for your company's reputation

By personalising this company gift, you will be highly regarded by the recipients. They will be honoured to receive such an EC gift from you, and will show you affection and loyalty. These are the effects expected with the custom CE giftThis corporate gift committee can fulfil this mission well, given its nobility and superiority.

A product to put in the works council gift catalogue for Christmas

This Corporate Gift is perfect to give at Christmas. It is a holiday where good food will be in the spotlight, and this employee gift can easily find its place among them. Works councils will be delighted to enjoy this farmhouse foie gras with your family for a festive and enjoyable time. You can even gain popularity when everyone who tastes it knows from which company the CE kdo comes.

This is a block of foie gras from south-western ducks as we like them, made from free-range ducks for even more taste. These ducks are fattened exclusively on whole grain yellow corn, which gives the foie gras its inimitable taste.

Once the livers have been selected from very meticulous producers, they are then cooked in the historical premises of Comtesse du Barry in Gimont in the Gers.

You'll love its firm texture and strong taste.

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