Gift this Madagascar green pepper

Looking for the perfect corporate gift to thank your colleagues and make them happy during the holiday season? We suggest this green chilli paste from Madagascar as a corporate gift. This exotic product is highly recommended for works councils who wish to offer the right company gift to their employees.

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To celebrate Christmas, the end of the year, the New Year or your company's anniversary with those who work with you every day, offer them a corporate committee gift that stands out. Spice up your life and that of your colleagues with this original employee gift.

A corporate committee gift surprising

This year, opt for quality and originality and choose this corporate committee gift idea exceptional. It is a pretty jar filled with green chilli paste, which makes you discover or rediscover the good taste of Madagascar. Unlike the red pepper paste, this one is pleasantly milder and suitable for everyone, even people who are not used to strong sensations. It is a CE gift that will impress all your company's staff.

A kdo CE extraordinary

The flawless quality of this corporate gift shows your employees that you have taken the time and care to choose the best personalised CE gift for them. Moreover, Hightech Gifts offers you the opportunity to put your logo or a nice text for the employees so that they will remember this nice gesture every time they will use this green chilli pepper to decorate their different dishes. You will then have a gift for coworker that really stands out.

A delicious gift to thank employee

The sweet, intoxicating scent of this corporate committee gift takes you to a faraway island where the sweetness of life reigns supreme. It also invites you to taste delicious exotic dishes. This green Madagascar pepper has the ability to enhance all everyday dishes, whether it be meat, fish, vegetables, marinades, starches or even soups.

It also enhances all your dishes, from starches to meats, fish, marinades and soups. But all this while respecting the palates less used to strong sensations.

It's the little touch that can make a difference in your recipes. And you can also grate some combawa over it, for an explosion of flavours.

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