Gift this olive oil Greece

An exceptional product par excellence, this Kalios Equilibre extra virgin olive oil can be found on Cadeaux Hightech as a Corporate Committee Gift. Thank your employees with dignity with a top quality CE kdo. The item can be ordered directly online and personalized with your company image.

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The works councils benefit from a great advantage in ordering their employee gifts on Hightech Gifts. Embark on a journey into the world of great cooking with a Corporate Committee Gift selected by the great chef Eric Guerin of the restaurant La Mare aux Oiseaux, located in the marshes of the Brière Regional Nature Park in Loire-Atlantique.

A Corporate Committee Gift of the highest quality

Quality matters when it comes to CE gift. You will not be disappointed with this Kalios product from organic farming. Thanks to its very low acidity of 0.36 %, it is elevated to the status of a very high quality extra virgin olive oil. It is made from traditional Koroneiki olives and has a particularly fruity taste, finesse and exceptional sweetness. This CE gift will be a credit to employees and is sure to win everyone over with its exquisite taste.

A CE kdo that works wonders in your dishes

Cadeaux Hightech offers you a olive oil Greece very refined. Packaged in a pretty 50 cl bottle, this Corporate Gift highlights vegetal notes of hay and artichoke, as well as fruity aromas, between green and ripe fruit. It will make a perfect employee Christmas gift, allowing colleagues to prepare wonderful recipes for the holidays. The product is of course recommended for salads, but it will also accompany a large number of dishes.

Employees satisfied with their corporate committee gift

Employees are expecting a great personalised CE gift to end the year on a high note. Fortunately, Hightech Gifts has thought of everything! Have a product used by great chefs. You are going to amaze your employees with this exceptional CE kdo, to be offered on special occasions. The site allows you to personalise the bottle with your company logo. The length in the mouth is just as surprising as its remarkable smoothness. Its very low acidity (0.36%) makes it a very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

This oil was selected by Eric Guérin. His starred restaurant La Mare aux Oiseaux is nestled in the marshes of the Brière Regional Nature Park in Loire-Atlantique. In a beautiful natural environment, this great Chef distils an avant-garde cuisine inspired by his land and products from all over the world, such as Kalios Equilibre olive oil, which now plays a major role in his creations.

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