Ecuador bean tablet gift

The quality of this chocolate is demonstrated by its blue ribbon award at the Intersuc fair. As a Corporate Committee Gift, the beneficiaries will be more than flattered to receive a product of such class. This confectionery will suit just as well and will turn into a gift to thank employees during some special events.

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Hightech Gifts has a real eye for finding the best products to make up a nice Corporate Committee Gift. Such is the case with this equatorial bean tablet, worthy of being classified among the great luxury products. It is undeniable that Cadeaux Hightech is a master in the sector of personalised CE gifts with this gift.

An artful works council gift

This delicious Corporate Gift is made by the famous Maison Weiss, a chocolate maker specialising in original creations. The company has outdone itself once again with this corporate committee gift idea, using carefully selected ingredients. Indeed, this CE gift is made from Ecuadorian beans and African cocoa, creating an explosive mixture with an intense flavour. It will be difficult not to fall under its spell.

A corporate gift not to be missed

This Corporate Gift has several advantages. In addition to being luxurious and very tasty, it is also available at an affordable price. You would be wrong to think that such a noble product would only be available at a very high price. Indeed, this equatorial bean tablet is displayed at an attractive price, which will not significantly affect your company's budget. It is therefore a good idea to add it without hesitation to your works council gift catalogue, in order to benefit from all its advantages.

An employee gift for special occasions

This chocolate is perfect for giving as a corporate gift at special times. You can give it at Christmas as an employee gift, or for other celebrations such as birthdays or the arrival of a promotion. In any case, the works councils that receive it will appreciate your gesture and will be indebted to you for a long time.

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