Business star greeting card

The connected objects phone gift set is a great business gift for the end of year period or a special occasion for your company. This business gift includes a beautiful greeting card, a package of chocolate, a bottle of champagne and a Bluetooth phone headset.

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Impress your large customers, suppliers and partners with this business gift and modern. Offering a corporate gift can bring many benefits to the development of a company and it is even better if it is of uncompromising quality. So choose this business gift to pleasantly surprise your customers and employees.

A company gift who stands out

At the best of times, such as Christmas and New Year's, offer the best business gift to your customers and partners. Show them that your company recognises quality and originality. This box is the customer gift It's the perfect way to show your appreciation to those who are loyal to your brand. It is also an effective business gift to let your various employees know that you are thinking of them for the holidays. Champagne, chocolate, greeting card and Bluetooth kit, with a small Nordic bag, it's the perfect gift to make the recipients feel valued.

A business gift customizable

Offering personalised luxury business gifts is an excellent way to strengthen your customer and B2B relationships. Opt for this prestigious business gift and gain notoriety. But to do this, you need to know how to properly personalise the item, which will also serve as a communication medium. Include your logo and add a nice text to wish your customers and partners all the best.

A business gift affordable luxury

As a prestigious business gift, the price of this wish card is quite reasonable. So don't hesitate to order a few copies to impress your customers and employees. This way you can be sure that you will be able to strengthen the trust they have in your products and services.

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