White digital skipping rope

Thanks to new technology, businesses now have access to a whole new generation of giveaways like this white digital jump rope. Let yourself be drawn into the universe of High Tech Personalized Goodies on Hightech Gifts. Do not hesitate to opt for a personalized advertising object if you want to promote your company at a corporate event.

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Who would have thought that such an object could one day serve as an advertising object? And yet, this modernized version is sure to impress your potential customers at a corporate trade show. The Goodies are used above all to advertise you in the professional environment.

Attract customers with a business gadget

There are some objects advertising that trade show visitors are used to seeing. It is high time to transform your goodies into real promotional gifts. Find ingenious and original ideas to apply on Hightech Gifts. The site provides you with Custom High Tech Goodies, to order in large numbers or in small numbers.

An original and high-tech advertising gift

Discover a jumping rope not like the others ! This personalized advertising gift is a digital model with a counter. It displays 4 different modes including the number of jumps performed, calories consumed, distance covered in kilometers and distance covered in miles. The 2 buttons are used to switch between the different display functions. The advertising object is approximately 3.05 m long, but it can be individually adjusted.

Stand out with Personalized High Tech Goodies

The cheap business gift requires a real investment but is very effective in building reputation for a business. You can include the digital jump rope in your favorite personalized business objects. This is available in blue and white. It has a dimension of 17.5 x 3.5 x 3/295 cm, and can be personalized with your logo, your contact details or why not your company slogan.

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