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Silver gourd

Are you looking for a promotional item that is out of the ordinary? Do you want to please your customers by offering a more original Goodies? In this case, acquire a silver gourd. This fashion object will give a modern and dynamic image to your business.

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Very trendy and currently in fashion, this advertisment object is likely to attract more customers and is sure to please. In addition, the expected effect will be even more favorable if it is intended for customers as a thank you. Very practical for professionals, it is one of the most prestigious advertising objects.s.

An original advertising gift

With the evolution of technology, different types oforiginal promotional items are now available. Among the different possible options, this silver gourd is a very interesting gift idea for companies. While various types of items can easily end up in the bottom of a drawer, this decanter is still useful in different everyday circumstances. In addition, it is designed from quality material including aluminum. It has a plastic cover, with carabiner and a matching color. Its size 6.5 x 17.5cm and net weight of 68g can hold up to 400ml of liquid. This gesture of generosity will be able to please your customers, but also remains an effective way to make the name of your company known.

Promo goodies: how to promote the object?

In order for your customers to feel honored, you must take the time to choose a personalized promotional item that is out of the ordinary. First of all, it must reflect the image of your sign. Then, do not hesitate to choose an original design. In this case, design your silver gourd so that it is used regularly by its recipient. This is how your gift will have the chance to be kept for a long time.

Advertising item: How to personalize your Goodies?

In general, business leaders choose the name of their companies and especially their logos as personalization. That said, it is quite possible to integrate images into it depending on your needs. The idea is to make your identity stand out and that it stands out from other promotional items on the market.

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