Delicious smoked duck breast terrine

Duck terrine is already a delicious dish, but with the addition of bacon of smoked duck breast, its taste becomes unique. This product can therefore become The Gift What everyone will want to receive. It is also possible to integrate it into a company committee gift box to have more effect.

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A good, well sought-after treat can be the CE gift ideal. It is a product prepared by a renowned specialist, and can be enjoyed in many ways, as a dish in its own right or as an ingredient. In any case, it is a corporate gift that will appeal to most people.

The CE gift that will seduce

A corporate committee gift must have a certain seductive capacity to be able to get what you want from it. This terrine meets this criterion well, especially with its delicate preparation. Indeed, this CE gift contains dried and smoked duck breast, giving it an intense flavour and a subtle aroma. It will therefore be the Gift That will win the hearts of your employees.

A well-stocked employee gift box

With the CE Gift, which is one of the most attractive gifts available, your company will be popular with your employees. Moreover, you can offer a basket containing several products, because it is always more pleasant to receive a larger number of collaborating gifts. With this approach, your gesture will be more noticed, and the beneficiaries will be able to share it with everyone around them.

A great gift idea to thank your employees

Works councils deserve a reward to thank them and to motivate them. They put in a lot of effort to keep your company running smoothly, and giving them The Perfect Works Council Gift will show your appreciation. To reinforce this recognition, you can add a touch of personalisation to your CE gift. You will be better perceived and more adored with your personalised CE gift that is out of the ordinary, and will be appreciated by many people.

Tasting advice :

This terrine is served fresh on a slice of farmhouse bread, lightly toasted if possible. You can also serve it with rye bread or chestnut bread.
It can accompany a mixed salad. It goes well with candied figs if you stay in the spirit of the South-West and why not some lightly roasted hazelnuts.
In sweet and savoury mode, this terrine can be combined with a red onion chutney.
As for the wine, prefer a dry red wine rather young like Madiran or a Cahors to stay in the region.

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