Nothing like a CE gift to create or strengthen links between colleagues. In the business world, this is an initiative that deserves to be encouraged. The trends of the moment are for high-tech gifts that have a gadget, trendy, practical or even luxury side. You will find in this section a selection of CE gifts to please your employees.

Which CE gift idea is right for you?

When deciding, think about a gift that will make your colleagues really happy. Passions and hobbies can serve as a clue. For those who love photography, a Sony digital camcorder or a kodak digital camera would be a great choice.

The connected bracelet will appeal to those who have a sporting spirit, while the MP3 headset and the virtual reality headset will suit those who like to get away from it all. You can also opt for a USB key or a Micro SD card for additional storage space.

Also discover our TOP best sellers selection of all of our customer gifts, company gifts, CE gifts and promotional items.

At gifts-high-tech, it's also other CE gifts than High-Tech trends ...

The essential oil diffuser can also be an original alternative. For those who run out of CE gift ideas, the Philips kettle comes at the right time and will prove very useful, especially during coffee breaks. Discover in our catalog other CE gifts to pleasantly surprise your colleagues.

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Employee gift for company committee

You have not yet chosen your CE gift to offer to your employees, collaborator or much more? Show your employees your interest by offering them a unique personalized CE gift, an original employee gift idea that he or she will appreciate for sure and will keep for a long time.

Nothing like a CE gift to create or strengthen bonds between colleagues. In the business world, this is an initiative that deserves to be encouraged. The trends of the moment are for high-tech gifts that have a gadget, trendy, practical or even luxury side. In this section you will find a selection of CE gifts to please your employees. For a woman or a man, discover our selection of original and trendy employee gifts that can be personalized with the message of your choice (first name, slogan, logo, etc.). Make them happy with our personalized employee gift ideas! We have created a multitude of models for you that you can personalize with the person's first name or even with their photo.


CE gift idea for employees

It is clear that the social dimension of a company is very important. Companies have several means to communicate on the social dimension of the company, for example through a personalized CE gift (works council gift). You can offer it to your employees on the occasion of the end of year celebrations, to thank an employee in particular, a gift to win at the end of a business challenge, as you can see there are several occasions to offer CE gifts.

To help you choose your corporate gifts, Cadeaux Hightech offers you personalized gift ideas. Gift to thank employee. Our team supports you in your choice of corporate gift. Consult the best selling CE gift.

Motivate and enhance your employees with original CE gifts.

Find the CE gift voucher

Offer CE gifts to its employees and a way to value them even more when they have discounts through the CE gift. You are part of a works council, order your personalized CE gift (works councils) in our online catalog rich and varied with more than 2,500 listings you will have a wide choice of products.

Personalize your gifts in the image of your company, with your logo, a personalized message.

For your CE gifts, are you looking for an original corporate gift in the image of your company? An employee gift to reward your employees? Our CE gifts are perfect for all your corporate events.

Treat your employees with a CE gift

The current trend is to offer personalized CE gifts to your colleagues as a thank you. The personalized CE gift is a communication tool that allows media coverage through the advertising object bearing your logo. The CE (works council) gift essentially aims at a pre-established target with a specific message.

The seductive and impactful nature of the corporate gift is easily identifiable in the fact that it is the only form of advertising for which the target thanks the advertiser for their advertising message.

Are you looking for an original corporate gift? you will be spoiled for choice on Cadeaux Hightech, specialist in corporate gifts with original and unusual works council gifts to surprise your employees while making them happy.

The originality of a corporate gift does not necessarily rhyme with a strong gift. Here you can find CE gifts from 1 euro. Works council gifts for all budgets.

Whether for a large order quantity or a small order or find your happiness on our corporate gift site.

Opt for a personalized gadget it is a highly appreciated gift, as well as the employee gift box. We have selected for you the best selling CE gift  gadget to please your employees.

A cheap high-tech CE gift

A few years ago the corporate gift high-tech, was reserved for a minority of people and other secret agents. Nowadays, please your loved ones by offering them amazing inexpensive original high-tech gadgets.

Original gadget, more traditional gadget or even humorous gadget, here you will find something for all tastes. When high tech gadgets rhyme with unusual employee gifts, you won't lose your coverage with your employees! The digital tablet has taken a central place in your professional life as in your leisure time. Thanks to super fast digital tablets, the Internet is now at your fingertips. The touchscreen tablet makes our life easier, in particular to control your e-mails on the move or to write a short report, follow a video conference, touch pad is an ideal assistant at work.

At home, the digital tablet becomes the recreation center that allows you to watch videos, listen to music or even allow children to have fun with games. High Tech Gifts complete this experience with protective covers customizable originals, speakers, keyboards and cleaning sets.

These and others can be branded with your logo for handing out as state-of-the-art, practical and perfect collaborator gifts. Corporate gift for men

It's not easy to find the right Christmas employee gift idea ... If you got tired of giving ordinary man gifts, check out our ideas for this company that we have to offer you. Here, no sweaters for the gentleman, nor even ties.

Only unusual, original or trendy gift ideas for men. Our range contains more than 2,500 references to satisfy these gentlemen on all occasions: men's gifts for a birthday, men's gift ideas for an important event or a men's gift for your employees.

We also have gifts if you want to thank him or more simply, to tell him that you value your collaboration. The best gift ideas for men can be found at High-Tech Gifts, from the customizable glass mug to the beard apron, including the jigsaw puzzle for the bottles.

Discover our selection of best selling business gifts, we offer ideas according to the tastes and personality of the gentleman. Corporate gifts for a geek? We have some ! Gifts to thank an employee, a whiskey or beer lover? corporate committee gift box? We also have them. Little things for hipsters? You will find them here. Let yourself be tempted by a men's works council gift idea for your employees and collaborator.

CE gift ideas for all styles

We give you some valuable advice

When deciding, think about a gift that will make your colleagues really happy. Passions and hobbies can serve as a clue. For those who love photography, a Sony digital camcorder or a digital camera Kodak would be a great choice. The connected bracelet will appeal to those who have a sporting spirit, while the MP3 headset and the virtual reality headset will suit those who like to get away from it all. You can also opt for a USB key or a Micro SD card for additional storage space. Also discover our selection TOP corporate gift boxes of all of our employee gifts, company gifts, CE gifts and promotional items.Your personalized CE gift must be perfectly consistent with their interests, passions and ideas. It must be original and stand out! Do not be afraid to surprise him to stand out from your competition.

        CE gift idea for women

In the world of work, giving gifts to colleagues, partners or employees is proof of loyalty and trust!

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right gift idea, for the signing of a contract as a thank you or even for the end of year celebrations. By browsing our section "personalized CE gift ideas for women" and by discovering our unusual and original offer, you will find a smile.

The essential oil diffuser can also be a good original gift idea. For those who run out of CE gift ideas, the Philips kettle comes at the right time and will prove very useful, especially during coffee breaks. Discover in our catalog other works council gifts to pleasantly surprise your colleagues. How to find the best original CE gift for a woman?

Whether for a special occasion such as a Christmas or birthday employee gift, or simply to thank a partner for their loyalty, an original corporate gift is always appreciated and highly valued!

But the presents in this context are so important that the choice of the latter is delicate. You must first choose the type of personalized CE kdo as well as its budget! Our team supports you in your quest for corporate gift perfect woman! Whatever your choice of keychain, USB key or a business card holder, don't forget to take advantage of our selection of personalized items with an engraving or a photo of your choice! you can find various gifts for all budgets: jewelry, watches, bags, clothes ... You no longer have any excuse not to please your employees! A CE Gift to promote your products

Are you looking for a CE promotional gift idea for the end of the year? High-tech gifts offers a wide range of customizable employee gift ideas (customizable watches, customizable gourmet basket, promotional corporate gift, advertising Christmas employee gift).

You can personalize your promotional items with your photos or your logo in order to disseminate your brand or image to as many people as possible. Our business gifts and personalized CE gifts are the perfect communication medium for town halls, administrations, businesses, shops, transport companies, consulting agencies, consulting firms, law firms, garages, dealers, ambulance drivers, clinics, health sector, laboratories, construction ...

We also offer you our promotional items ( USB flash drives customizable, advertising scarf, advertising pens, advertising bag, personalized water bottle, customizable games, advertising fitness accessories, advertising gadgets, customizable non-woven advertising banners).

An original corporate gift

It is clear that we spend the majority of the week at our workplace.

To make the work of your employees pleasant and fun, we offer a selection of CE gift box that will make your employee smile every day.

Choose our original gifts to make their office really pleasant and funny. With the right colleagues and a few of our accessories, it becomes child's play to make work much more pleasant and enjoyable!

Cheap original corporate gift

For your employees, find the CE gift (works councils) personalized which will go perfectly with your activity whatever your sector of activity, we have the adapted product. For a budget of between 1 and 20 euros, discover our selection of inexpensive corporate gifts for your employees.

In various sectors such as restaurants, bakeries, hotels, garages and automotive professionals, all these products will make your companies successful. Cheap personalized corporate gift ideas for companies, associations, quality goodies for employee / professional gifts.

Check out our online catalog works council gifts with a multitude of choices among our gift ideas for your employees, collaborator. These corporate gifts will undoubtedly be very important to retain your employees, a gift to thank employees and collaborators ... we offer gift ideas to reward your employees with cheap business gifts adapted to your needs. Cheap personalized gift ideas, business gifts that will be an excellent means of communication for all your professional activities.

employee gift idea

Whether you are looking for a gift for a coworker, a woman or a man, there are gift ideas for everyone! nothing gives more pleasure than a gift for an employee which the person has taken the time to bring his personal touch.

There are personalized gifts for everyone! customizable accessories through engraved mugs, personalized clock, Digital Photo Frame, personalized jewelry, unique decorative gift, wine and spirits… With our gift ideas, be sure to make people happy!

Find here your perfect corporate gift for your employees, employee or collaborator through our online works council gift catalog with more than 2,500 listings! Choose the recipient of your personalized gift, the event for which you are looking for a corporate committee gift idea and the date on which you want the gift delivered to you.

You can refine the results of gift ideas by category: household appliances, photo / video, connected object, best sales customer gift or even personalized gift for the kitchen.


CE and tax gift

The CE gift (works councils) and an effective way to create and maintain good commercial relations with its employees.

The works council gift can also help to retain employees, however they are subject to a specific tax regime.

When you offer a good free of charge, that is to say without consideration, the VAT paid on the purchase or cost price is not deductible.

However, the works council gift is an exception to this rule. Any corporate gift the sum of which does not exceed € 69 including VAT, is deductible above. VAT is deductible on works council gifts only if and only if you have in your possession an invoice with the mandatory information prescribed by the general tax code.

Promotional items can benefit from it under certain conditions. In this case, you will therefore be able to recover the VAT without the limit of € 69 including VAT being applied.


Employee gift ideas not to be missed

To develop, build loyalty, say thank you, maintain a special relationship, these are the many good reasons for offering a personal gift to one's employees, and this, on different occasions. Indeed, it is a token of recognition on the part of the employer towards his work team. Holidays and events are approaching. This is a good opportunity to reaffirm the ties with your internal and external collaborators. Offer a employee giftIt is also an essential tool for developing your marketing strategy. Follow this article to get some employee gift ideas and find the right gift to give.

Original corporate gifts are particularly suited to business leaders looking for a unique and stylish gift to give to a fellow employee. Every year, especially during the Christmas and New Year periods, finding a business gift can be a headache. Here are some ideas that are sure to make an impression on all recipients. The aim is to choose an original gift.

Unique gifts that are experienced as a team

Indeed, the corporate employee gift is often given individually. This time, why not opt for group gifts that can be experienced as a team? Indeed, it is a generous idea to reinforce the team spirit with several members of staff, for example in the case of a birthday gift or an end-of-year gift.

You can opt for a cooking workshop with a chef, a private concert by a music group, a team-building musical comedy session or a theatre troupe parodying the life of your company... Whatever the formula, this is an excellent system for thanking the whole team together. This type of employee gift will arouse as much emotion as it will leave a nice memory for the teams. The "wow" effect is guaranteed with promotional items or giveaways. Gift boxes will also do the trick to mark a specific event within the whole team (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.)

Employee gifts that can be savoured

Another idea for an original employee gift, food gifts or gourmet gifts are the favourite gifts for companies. Some food gifts such as baskets filled with luxury products (a bottle of champagne, foie gras, boxes of chocolates) are always appreciated to enhance the New Year's Eve table. This type of gift is perfect for the end of year celebrations, but also for any other company event (all occasions) aimed at improving the brand image.

In recent years, these gastronomic gifts have become very popular with the Works Council. You can always add your company logo or name to this type of gift. corporate gift in order to achieve the goal. However, in order to be effective and to achieve the objective, it is necessary to take into account the diets of each worker. In this way, the latter will be satisfied with the gesture and, as a result, will be even more motivated and willing to reaffirm their willingness to continue working together. The personalised gift is always effective, regardless of the type, style or model.

Gifts that open the mind

Original employee gifts are often a token of appreciation from the employer. To put your employees on an equal footing, you can give them a personal gift that opens their minds. However, it is not easy to satisfy everyone's needs. For example, you can give a gift of admission (such as a pass) to amusement parks, concert or cinema tickets. These gifts are perfect for changing ideas. Also, the message conveyed by this personal gift is the one that counts much more than the size or price of the chosen employee gift.

Another idea is the gift voucher. This type of gift is more practical, as you do not have to worry about the opinions of the employees. All you have to do is to define the budget allocated to each employee with the accounting department of the works council or the ESC. In this way, each employee will be able to offer the gift of their choice.

Opt for a personalised employee gift

The entire employee gift depends on the EC budget. It is therefore important to take this into account when making your choices. Of course, your employee gifts should not be too expensive or too cheap. In any case, the ideal is to buy and offer a personalised employee gift, perfectly adapted to the taste of the recipient.

Choose a high-tech gift: best-selling CSE gifts

In order to stand out from the crowd, you can opt for original high-tech personalised employee gifts. This kind of gift can easily be found on this site At the same time, you can choose an original and customisable gift to show your company's image.

Similarly, this high-tech employee gift will please workers, as it will also serve them in their daily lives. So, to seduce your teams, you can choose between a wireless Bluetooth speaker, a USB key, a charger, a connected bracelet or telephone equipment. Cadeau High-Tech also offers a sliding scale of prices depending on your order, it offers the best CE gift sales. It is therefore an opportunity to seize in order to realize your corporate gift project and to reach your marketing or commercial objectives.

Design your employee gift with care

Whatever your choice of employee gift, the design and aesthetics of the personal gift must be in perfect condition to convey the corporate image you want to promote. Indeed, it is not enough to print the logo of your business company on it. You also need to consider your customers' preferences. If your gifts contain marketing messages, they will be like advertising objects. You should personalise the employee gift with a thank you message or a motivational message for your employee. This will make the employee even more willing to give his or her best in terms of both quantity and quality of work.

There are many gifts that you can personalise according to your needs and budget. Several platforms specialising in original employee gifts work in the sector to meet all your expectations. Some sites, such as, even offer you the best sale CSE gift. They offer different items with various styles, but all trendy. All you have to do is choose the technique for marking your original goodies (embroidery, engraving, laser, screen printing, etc.).

Other employee gift ideas

Finally, it is time to give your employees a personal gift. In this gesture, you should focus on quality, not quantity. However, it is difficult to please all your employees with the same gifts. In order to facilitate your choice of personal gifts, it is strongly recommended to draw up a list. However, the preparation of this list requires your rigour, if only to arrange the gifts according to their importance, and this, according to the tastes of your employees.

  • promotional USB stick,
  • personalised mug,
  • bottle of wine or champagne,
  • Basket of goodies,
  • Customised wireless headset,
  • hard disk,
  • power-bank leather,
  • personalized bag
  • touch tablet,
  • chocolate box,
  • phone charger,
  • clock,
  • personalised gourd,

To make employees happy, each of them can, for example, tick off two or three options from this list. It is up to you to create a surprise by personalising one of the selected gifts.