Lipstick backup battery

Do you want to thank a client or rather a client for his loyalty? Give him this lipstick stick shaped battery backup as a customer gift. With its special design, this company gift seems to have been specially designed for women.

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The best way to show your appreciation to a client is to offer her a high-tech christmas gift that looks like him. You don't know what to choose? Turn to this lipstick shaped power bank. This is one of those customer gifts dedicated to the fairer sex.

Original customer gifts to better stand out

All companies occasionally offer business gifts to their customers. If you want to stand out, dare to think outside the box, opt for a personalized customer gift, which stands out a bit. If you offer a gift to build customer loyalty or rather a client, for example, it is preferable to offer a rather feminine object. You are therefore making the right choice by opting for this backup battery from Remax. With its lipstick shape, it is undoubtedly the ideal customer gift to please customers.

A useful customer gift idea

When choosing a customer gift, aesthetics are important, but it should not be the only criterion of choice. The usefulness of the object must also be taken into account. This power bank lipstick perfectly meets these criteria. It is not only elegant and pleasing to the eye, it is also of great use. With a power of 2400 mAh, and a USB input, it allows the smartphone to be recharged for a time, before being able to plug it into the mains. It is a practical gift, which will certainly accompany the one who will receive it on a daily basis.

A customer gift that you could personalize

Do you want to offer a personalized customer gift? You are also making the right choice by opting for this nomadic battery. With its generous dimensions, it gives pride of place to marking. It is quite possible to include either your logo or a personalized message of your choice.

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