Gift this Iberian jabugo chorizo

The Maximilano Jabugo brand is recognized around the world for its superior quality cold cuts. This Iberian chorizo is one of its flagship products, and it can become a very high class Corporate Committee Gift. Such a gift will delight all those who are lucky enough to receive it.

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A well-selected culinary product is a Corporate Committee Gift exceptional. The case of this Iberian sausage is an excellent gift idea. Your company will become a kind of hero for your employees if you offer them this dream product, which will brighten up good moments of sharing.

A Corporate Gift that will be remembered

This Iberian chorizo jabugo is a top-of-the-range product from its manufacturer. Its preparation involves a mixture of lean and fatty meat, with the addition of condiments and spices, before being dried for 2 to 4 months in a tripe wrapper. It is a wonderful gift from the works council. The recipients of this CE gift will certainly remember it for a long time.

An employee gift that will brighten up Christmas

Even if Christmas is a naturally grand celebration, a Corporate Gift of this kind will brighten it up even more. This product will be a Christmas employee gift that will bring a note of luxury and exclusivity to all those who will taste it. Indeed, this is a CE gift that can be shared by several people, and everyone will be able to have their share of happiness by savouring it as it is or with other dishes.

A must in the works council gift catalogue

As works councils are people who are indebted to your company for their work, they deserve to receive a works council gift that is worthy of your appreciation. To accentuate this gratitude, you can offer this chorizo as a personalised company gift, so that the link with your company is even stronger. This way, you will be recognised every time someone tastes your famous Works Council Gift.

Maximiliano Jabugo Iberian chorizo is made from large pieces of lean meat and smaller pieces of fat, mixed in a 4:1 ratio.

This device is seasoned with garlic, "pimenton" and salt before being wrapped in a portion of tripe. The drying time is 2 to 4 months depending on the diameter of the piece and the thickness of the tripe used to wrap it.

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