Gift CE coconut praline bite

A set of exotic flavors are found in this delicious confectionery. It is ideal to be offered to your partners as a Corporate Committee Gift. The softness and melt-in-the-mouth texture, embellished with a few crispy bits of this gift, will make anyone lucky enough to receive it crack.

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Hightech Gifts has once again found a good idea for a company gift with this surprising chocolate. By offering this Corporate Committee GiftThe site demonstrates that it has mastered the field of personalised CE gifts to perfection. You are therefore quite right to trust it.

A Corporate Committee Gift that combines several flavours

Several ingredients have been blended to form this extraordinary sweet. A Valencia almond and Roman hazelnut praline is combined with milk chocolate and grated coconut, and then coated with dark chocolate. All of this makes a delicious combination, worthy of a wonderful Corporate Gift. It will be a perfect gift for coworkerThese are to be distributed on special occasions that deserve to be remembered.

An excellent gift to thank employee

Works councils and other employees are the heart of the company and keep it running smoothly. It is only natural to reward them with a Works Council Gift at the right time. For example, an employee gift can be given on a birthday, after a promotion or after a particular goal has been reached. The recipients will appreciate this recognition from your company, and will remain dedicated to you for future collaborations.

A works council gift to remember

This Coconut pralines has such a special taste, thanks to its various components, that all those who taste it will be totally seduced. It is therefore important to include it at all costs in your works council gift catalogue. This way, you will have a ready-made EC gift when the occasion arises. You can also add a touch of personalisation to this Corporate Gift to make it even more charming and impactful. A fruity, chocolatey and ultra-gourmand bite, which will make your customers travel thanks to its exotic notes.

Price displayed for 100g.

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