Gift for this fresh Corsican sausage

The grills at Christmas will have a good festive atmosphere with this quality fresh Corsican sausage. It is an excellent employee Christmas gift to enjoy with the family during this memorable celebration. A Corporate Committee Gift of this kind is always appreciated, because the whole family can benefit from it.

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Good food like this U-shaped delicacy remains a sure bet as Corporate Committee Gift. Indeed, the beneficiaries of this beautiful company gift can enjoy it with their family or friends. It will give your employees a very good opinion of your company.

A CE gift to share

A Works Council gift can be personal, such as a diary or a pen, but there are also personalized CE gifts that can be enjoyed by several people. Such is the case with this U-shaped sausage. It is a Corsican speciality prepared with pork meat and liver, and is gently dried with temperature and humidity control. This company gift is best when grilled over a wood fire.

The right gift for the holidays

This deli is very well suited for a good party. It can be served as an aperitif or during barbecue parties. So, whatever the meal formula for Christmas or the end of the year, this employee gift can be useful. Your employees will be most grateful to you, and will carry you in their hearts during the festivities, if you give them such a useful and festive CE gift.

An EC gift idea to remember

This corporate gift will be a great success with works councils. It is therefore logical to include it in your works council gift catalogue to remember it better. You can then renew this gift for employees for various other occasions. Indeed, it can become a reward for a job well done or a goal achieved, but also a source of motivation for projects to be carried out.

This U-shaped product is then dried at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.

It is intended to be eaten grilled over a wood fire or on the barbecue, or raw when very dry.

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