Sport dumbbell 1.5 kg blue

A cheap corporate gift always helps to improve customer relations. This practical blue 1.5 kg dumbbell will do just that. As an original corporate gift, this fitness accessory will make many people happy.

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A dumbbell allows you to work your wrists, arms or shoulders. It will therefore be ideal as an end of year gift. Customers of your business may need to exercise to eliminate excess after the holidays. So take advantage of this cheap business gift.

A cheap, yet effective corporate gift

Corporate gifts should be useful and practical, so that they are used as frequently as possible by their recipients. This 1.5 kg weight meets these criteria, and will therefore be a corporate gift for the ideal customer. This is a business gift which allows you to do fitness or rehabilitation, and easy to use with its non-slip surface. In addition, it can be taken everywhere with you because of its small size.

An appropriate end-of-year corporate gift

At the end of the year, offering a corporate gift is standard practice in many companies. This Cheap Business Gift is then very appropriate for this occasion. It's an original corporate end-of-year gift that will encourage users to do some sport, without spending a lot of time, energy or money. Indeed, it can be used anytime and anywhere, without any particular constraints.

A personalized corporate gift for your image

It is possible to personalize this inexpensive original business gift to display an image or text that identifies you. This dumbbell as a Cheap Business Gift is generally well received, because it shows the care that the company has for its partners. In addition, a personalized corporate gift will allow you to display a presence in all the places where the recipients will use it, and they will also keep a memory of your company permanently.

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Color : blue
Cut : Ø10 x 16 cm

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