Unique Angus Beef Rillettes

Beef rillettes are known to be delicious, but this jar offered by Cadeaux Hightech is even more so. Indeed, it is prepared with meat of the Angus breed, and can constitute a Gift of choice.  Such a corporate committee gift will certainly be well received by its beneficiaries.

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How not to fall under the spell of this CE gift of rare quality? It is concocted with very noble ingredients, by specialists who are both passionate and competent. It will undoubtedly be one of the most coveted employee gifts, and will raise your company in their esteem.

A good find of CE Gift

This corporate committee gift idea has been found. Indeed, many will be won over by the flavor of these Angus beef rillettes, which have been prepared with meticulousness and delicacy by breeding professionals. It's a Gift Which combines many qualities, such as its unique taste, its pleasantly soft texture, or its low fat content. The recipients of this CE gift will then experience unparalleled pleasure in tasting it.

An excellent gift to thank employee

To show gratitude to your employees who have put in a lot of effort during the year, you can offer them this exceptional CE Gift. It is customary to give an employee gift as a thank you for the various services rendered. This lets your employees know that their work is valued, which will provide them with a source of motivation for the future. Indeed, motivation is essential for works councils for better collaboration.

A corporate committee gift that you can personalize

Personalized CE gifts always have more effect compared to others. The attachment of the CE kdo to your name will be seen as special attention. For this purpose, you can put your logo directly on the label of the CE Gift. Thus, your employees will have the image of the company in mind each time they taste the Angus beef rillettes, and it can even extend to other people with whom the employee gift will be shared.

This traditional and "simple" recipe is less so when it comes to the main ingredient, Angus beef. Original and very tasty, these rillettes have a good beef taste and a pleasant texture, in which we find all the fibre of the meat. A real treat.

Beef rillettes have the advantage, in addition to being very tasty, of being slightly less fatty than pork rillettes.

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